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Alisha¡¯s Party

Time Limit: 3000/2000 MS (Java/Others)    Memory Limit: 131072/131072 K (Java/Others)
Total Submission(s): 8735    Accepted Submission(s): 1982

Problem Description
Princess Alisha invites her friends to come to her birthday party. Each of her friends will bring a gift of some value $v$, and all of them will come at a different time. Because the lobby is not large enough, Alisha can only let a few people in at a time. She decides to let the person whose gift has the highest value enter first.

Each time when Alisha opens the door, she can decide to let $p$ people enter her castle. If there are less than $p$ people in the lobby, then all of them would enter. And after all of her friends has arrived, Alisha will open the door again and this time every friend who has not entered yet would enter.

If there are two friends who bring gifts of the same value, then the one who comes first should enter first. Given a query $n$ Please tell Alisha who the $n-th$ person to enter her castle is.

The first line of the input gives the number of test cases, $T$ , where $1 \leq T \leq 15$.

In each test case, the first line contains three numbers $k, m$ and $q$ separated by blanks. $k$ is the number of her friends invited where $1 \leq k \leq 150,000$. The door would open m times before all Alisha¡¯s friends arrive where $0 \leq m \leq k$. Alisha will have $q$ queries where $1 \leq q \leq 100$.

The $i-th$ of the following $k$ lines gives a string $B_i$, which consists of no more than $200$ English characters, and an integer $v_i$, $1 \leq v_i \leq 10^8$, separated by a blank. $B_i$ is the name of the $i-th$ person coming to Alisha¡¯s party and Bi brings a gift of value $v_i$.

Each of the following $m$ lines contains two integers $t (1 \leq t \leq k)$ and $p (0 \leq p \leq k)$ separated by a blank. The door will open right after the $t-th$ person arrives, and Alisha will let $p$ friends enter her castle.

The last line of each test case will contain $q$ numbers $n_1, . . . , n_q$ separated by a space, which means Alisha wants to know who are the $n_1-th, . . . , n_q-th$ friends to enter her castle.

Note: there will be at most two test cases containing $n > 10000$.

For each test case, output the corresponding name of Alisha¡¯s query, separated by a space.

Sample Input
1 5 2 3 Sorey 3 Rose 3 Maltran 3 Lailah 5 Mikleo 6 1 1 4 2 1 2 3

Sample Output
Sorey Lailah Rose


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