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Electronic Document Security

Time Limit: 2000/1000 MS (Java/Others)    Memory Limit: 32768/32768 K (Java/Others)
Total Submission(s): 323    Accepted Submission(s): 175

Problem Description
The Tyrell corporation uses a state-of-the-art electronic document system that controls all aspects of document creation, viewing, editing, and distribution. Document security is handled via access control lists (ACLs). An ACL defines a set of entities that have access to the document, and for each entity defines the set of rights that it has. Entities are denoted by uppercase letters; an entity might be a single individual or an entire division. Rights are denoted by lowercase letters; examples of rights are a for append, d for delete, e for edit, and r for read.

The ACL for a document is stored along with that document, but there is also a separate ACL log stored on a separate log server. All documents start with an empty ACL, which grants no rights to anyone. Every time the ACL for a document is changed, a new entry is written to the log. An entry is of the form ExR, where E is a nonempty set of entities, R is a nonempty set of rights, and x is either "+", "C", or "=". Entry E+R says to grant all the rights in R to all the entities in E, entry ECR says to remove all the rights in R from all the entities in E, and entry E=R says that all the entities in E have exactly the rights in R and no others. An entry might be redundant in the sense that it grants an entity a right it already has and/or denies an entity a right that it doesn't have. A log is simply a list of entries separated by commas, ordered chronologically from oldest to most recent. Entries are cumulative, with newer entries taking precedence over older entries if there is a conflict.

Periodically the Tyrell corporation will run a security check by using the logs to compute the current ACL for each document and then comparing it with the ACL actually stored with the document. A mismatch indicates a security breach. Your job is to write a program that, given an ACL log, computes the current ACL.

The input consists of one or more ACL logs, each 3C79 characters long and on a line by itself, followed by a line containing only "#" that signals the end of the input. Logs will be in the format defined above and will not contain any whitespace.

For each log, output a single line containing the log number (logs are numbered sequentially starting with one), then a colon, then the current ACL in the format shown below. Note that (1) spaces do not appear in the output; (2) entities are listed in alphabetical order; (3) the rights for an entity are listed in alphabetical order; (4) entities with no current rights are not listed (even if they appeared in a log entry), so it's possible that an ACL will be empty; and (5) if two or more consecutive entities have exactly the same rights, those rights are only output once, after the list of entities.

Sample Input
MC-p,SC+c YB=rde,B-dq,AYM+e GQ+tju,GH-ju,AQ-z,Q=t,QG-t JBL=fwa,H+wf,LD-fz,BJ-a,P=aw #

Sample Output
1:CSc 2:AeBerMeYder 3: 4:BHJfwLPaw



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